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Before You Google Welding Gear near Me, Read This Guide

If you need to search for a ‘welding supply company near me’, it could be that you are a newcomer to welding. If you are a professional welder or own the gear, it is unlikely that you need to Google ‘welding gear near me’. If this is the case, our guide will tell you shortly what you would need, and you can continue your search for the best store.

Welding machine types

If you are uncertain about welding machine types for your needs, look at the types which are arc, MiG, Tig and gas welders. The most commonly used is MiG, which is easily mastered and suitable for home and industry use. It is excellent to weld aluminum, stainless steel, and mild steel.

You probably would not use Tig welding if you were searching for ‘welding Supply Company near me’ as this is a specialized process that is predominantly used in manufacturing companies.

You could do well with an arc welder too since it is also commonly used at home and is easy to master. You can weld materials that have a metal thickness of 1/8-inch and thicker. It is therefore great for heavy-duty welding.

Gas welding, on the other hand, is not as popular or widely used. It requires a mixture of acetylene and oxygen to melt steels. It is used in repairing thin metals like refrigeration pipes and delicate aluminum.

Welding protective gear

Irrespective of your level of expertise, you can never attempt a welding job without the use of protective gear. Welding is specialized and has several risks. Therefore, is it imperative to use the best equipment and high-quality protective gear as well. Vital areas that need protection include protection from damaging UV rays for your bare skin and eyes. Protection against hot metals and breathing in welding fumes are equally important areas to look at.

Safety equipment checklist

The list provided here would be adequate to protect you and this is something you would find at any decent store when you search for welding gear near me.

  • Welding helmet

  • Safety glasses

  • Gloves

  • Flame resistant jacket

  • Aprons and sleeves

  • Leather pants

  • Respirator

  • Welding hat or beanie

  • Boots

When you are ready to start shopping, be sure to take your checklist with you. A good idea is to check out online guides for beginner welders before you attempt your first job.

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