AIG 175 mig welding machine with arc and tig function

AIG MIG175 Welding Machine MIG/ARC/TIG MMA Gas And Gassless MIG Welding Machine

AIG MIG175 MMA Gas And Gassless MIG Welder - Mig Tig And Stick Welder 



PLEASE NOTE!!! Currently sold out and are taking pre-orders with no deposit needed. Pre-orders are done by giving a full name a telephone number and when the next batch of machines come in on the 13th of January, they will be delivered to you. You will also receive a discount of $100 for the inconvenience. Machine total with pre-order - $349.99


EDIT: We have now made it so people can place a $50 deposit if they wish. This will guarantee you a machine and you will have priority over people who have not placed a deposit. This was recommended by our Facebook customers.



The AIG MIG 175 Amp MIG/ARC/TIG MMA Welding Machine is a new generation Gas And Gassless welding machine produced using the latest in IGBT inverter technology. Designed to meet the needs of the light commercial user with industrial grade quality. The unit is designed to be powerful, yet, small and lightweight, this way we eliminate the need for wheels to move the machine around.


The AIG MIG 175 has rubber feet to ensure the machine is not laying directly on the ground and also to prevent the machine rolling around while being used on uneven ground. The WHOLE roller mechanism is made from steal to ensure the wire is always fed correctly and to stop warping (plastic roller) in high heat environments.


The AIG MIG 175 is also perfect for a begginer. We designed the machine to have digital readouts along with auto setting the wire speed according to the current/voltage set. This means that you dont need to set any wire speed which in return guarantees a perfect weld all the time. From 1kg upto 5kg gas or gasless wire can be used.



Technical Data


  • Duty Cycle MIG - @ 40°c  60% @ 170 Amps
  • Duty Cycle MMA - @ 40°c  60% @ 160 Amps 
  • Output Current Range MIG - 40A/16V - 170A/22.5V
  • Output Current Range MMA - 40A/21.6V - 160A/26.4V
  • Plug Type  -  10AMP
  • Protection Class  -  IP21
  • Insulation Class  -  F
  • Wire Inch Function  -  Yes
  • Inductance Control -  Yes
  • Over Current Protection - Yes
  • Over Heat Protection - Yes
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) - 440mmx230mmx300mm
  • Weight  -  11Kg
  • Warranty  - 1 year



Package Contents


  • AIG 175 Amp Machine
  • Euro Style (Dinse) Mig Torch
  • Euro Style (Dinse) MMA Torch
  • Euro Style (Dinse) Earth Leed
  • Basic Welding Helmet
  • 0.8mm Tip
  • 0.9mm Tip
  • Brush



User Manual 



Click OR Copy and paste the above link for the online manual.






  • Extras

    Optional Tig Torch - 17V-4MCP25 

    (TIG Torch is $102 when purchased seperately. $79.99 When purchased with the machine.)