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Welding Machines/Equipment

Are you looking for a reputable company where you can buy welding machines ?

At Australia Industrial Group, we offer the highest quality equipment at prices that you can afford. We know that when you need welding equipment, you need a company that stands behind their products and promises customer satisfaction every time. That is exactly what you get when you trust your welding product needs to us.


We know that when you have a need for a particular welding machine or tool, you need a top quality product that can handle the job at hand. You can trust the integrity of our products.

We are proud to offer you some of the lowest prices on welding machines in Australia. When you search for ‘welding supply shops near me’, we are the answer to your needs! We will happily help you figure out what products you need and the right shipping method so that you have your welding equipment in a timely manner.

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