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AIG MIG200 MIG/TIG/ARC MMA MIG Welding Machine

AIG MIG200 MIG/TIG/ARC MMA MIG Welding Machine

AIG MIG200 MMA MIG Welder - Mig Tig And Stick Welder



The AIG MIG 200 Amp MIG/ARC/TIG MMA Welding Machine is a new generation welding machine produced using the latest in IGBT inverter technology. Designed to meet the needs for a light, to heavy commercial user with industrial grade quality. The unit is designed to be powerful, yet, small and as lightweight as possible, this way we eliminate the need for wheels to move the machine around.


The AIG MIG 200 has an "open chassis" design allowing quick and easy spool changes, a lighter body and a much smaller foot print. With our new design, the body is 10% narrower, 6% shorter and 7KG lighter, in return, this allowed us to fit a HUGE motor for the wire feed mechanism. Unlike the typical "duel drive roller" our motor is not directly connected to the wire feed drive roller, instead, the motor is connected to a gearbox which is geared in a way which allows us to output a huge amount of torque eliminating the need for two motors which further reduces the weight. The WHOLE roller mechanism is also made from steel to ensure the wire is always fed correctly and to stop warping (plastic roller) in high heat environments.


The AIG MIG 200 is also perfect for a begginer looking for a powerful machine in thier work shop. We designed the machine to have digital readouts along with auto setting the wire speed according to the current/voltage set. This means that you dont need to set any wire speed which in return, guarantees a perfect weld every time. From 5kg upto 15kg wire spools can be used.


The AIG MIG 200 has been fitted with the much larger "50" size Dinse connectors ensuring the power is flowing smoothly and constantly. Thicker cabling has also been used throught the whole machine.



Technical Data


Duty Cycle MIG - @ 40°c 45% @ 200 Amps

Duty Cycle MMA - @ 40°c 45% @ 200 Amps

Output Current Range MIG - 28A - 200A

Output Current Range MMA - 19A - 200A

Plug Type - 15AMP

Protection Class - IP21

Insulation Class - F

Wire Inch Function - Yes

Inductance Control - Yes

Over Current Protection - Yes

Over Heat Protection - Yes

Dimensions (LxWxH) - 480mmx220mmx420mm

Weight - 17.5Kg

Warranty - 1 year



Package Contents


AIG MIG 200 Amp Welding Machine

Euro Style Mig Torch

Spool Cover Included (Not Pictured)

Dinse MMA ARC Torch

Dinse Earth Leed

Basic Welding Helmet

0.8mm Tip

0.9mm Tip








  • Optional Extra

    Optional Tig Torch - 17V-4MCP50 

    (TIG Torch is $102 when purchased seperately. $79.99 When purchased with the machine.)

$749.99 Regular Price
$641.99Sale Price
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