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Unimig FUME EXTRACTION 415Volts - KSZ-1.5S For Extracting Welding And Other Dangerous Fumes

Unimig FUME EXTRACTION 415Volts - KSZ-1.5S

Unimig FUME EXTRACTION 415Volts - KSZ-1.5S




The KSZ-1.5S is a mobile single arm 415 volt fume extraction unit capable of filtering an area of up to 10 square metres. The unit is fitted with a Programmable Logic Controller allowing customisation of specific operations of time/duration of operation. The (PLC) combined with pressure differentiation switch displays a red warning light indicating the filter must be cleaned or replaced.


The unit is constructed from high quality sheet metal and is easily manoeuvrable due to its 4 heavy duty lockable caster wheels. The machine is suited for the purification of fumes and dust generated by welding and grinding. The suction arm is easily rotatable 360 degrees and can be put in place by easily pulling the handle on the hood to the desired work area. When in use the fumes and dust will be extracted into the hood and the first step is through the fire resistance net.


This net intercepts and separates large particles and sparks caused by grinding and welding. The fume then enters the deflector which stops large sparks entering directly into the main filter. The final stage is when the fumes are passed through the third layer of the filter cartridge which optimises the fumes purification by up to 99.8 %. This filtering is critical because 98.9% of the contaminants generated are in the Nano particle range <400um and these alveolar particles can cause cancer.


Our filters have been independently tested to ISO:EN779:2012 and can remove greater than 99.8% of these Nano particles. The filtering process is high enough to meet indoor emission standards; the filtered air is discharged through the air vent at the bottom of the fume extractor.  The KSZ-1.5S is a compact unit which measures 700mm x 800mm x 1600mm and weighs 210kg.


The standard arm length is 3m long with an optional arm of 2, 3 or 4 metres. Optional wall mounting brackets are available.
The machine is self-cleaning with automatic reverse blowing the machine filter is cleaned more thoroughly.



Techincal Data:


  • Part Number  -  KSZ-1.5S
  • Air Volume  -  3000 ± 100m3/h
  • Air Suction Arm  -  1500m3/h
  • Motor Power  -  1.5kW
  • Working Voltage  -  415V/50Hz 3 Phase
  • Filtering Area  -  10m2
  • Cleaning Way  -  Automatic Reverse Blowin
  • Maximum Pressure  -  2800Pa
  • Compressed Air  -  0.5 - 0.6MPa
  • Filtration Efficiency  -  >99.8%
  • Noise Level  -  <72 ± 5dB(A)
  • Dimension (mm)  -  700 x 800 x 1600
  • Weight (Kgs)  -  210 ± 5
    $12,459.99 Regular Price
    $11,559.86Sale Price
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