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INDUSTRIAL UNIMIG MINE SPEC 600 Diesel Generator/Welder Welding Perth HB600

INDUSTRIAL UNIMIG MINE SPEC 600 Diesel Generator/Welder

The UNIMIG Mine Spec 600 - HB600





The UNIMIG Mine Spec 600 is a powerful Multifunction Diesel Generator/Welder designed for the Mining and Construction Industries. The MS 600 delivers value for money with high duty cycle performance of 500amps @ 60% duty cycle, 20kVA auxiliary AC power with both 240V and 415V outlets and the latest safety features. Your investment and reliability is guaranteed with Perkins 404D-22T Turbo diesel engine, Stamford generator and Yunda DC welding inverter.


MMA is optimised for General Purpose and Low Hydrogen MMA electrode welding. MMA Cellulosic is optimised for Cellulosic MMA electrode welding. Hot Start and Arc Force can be adjusted whilst welding in either MMA or MMA Cellulosic modes. Air Arc Gouging is optimised to run up to 8mm carbon rods and Strike and Re Strike performance is enhanced by optimising waveform design and VRD response time.


DC TIG welding with Lift Arc ignition and gas solenoid valve for optimal control and minimal gas loss. Constant Voltage Wire is optimised with adjustable inductance for running flux cored wires. MIG welding with the unique RWS wire feeder, makes it possible to weld Pulse MIG, Double Pulse MIG, Synergic MIG, Manual MIG and MMA from wire feeder. 



Welding Performance

  • The advanced technology Yunda DC inverter delivers superior welding performance with easy arc striking, smooth arc characteristics, low spatter and excellent weld appearance. Reliability is assured with all printed circuit boards potted in resin and encapsulated to prevent exposure to harmful environments. The UNIMIG MS 600 features five process modes and is supplied with digital volt/amp meters.
  •  MMA
  •  MMA Cellulosic
  •  Air Arc Gouging
  •  DC TIG
  •  MIG / Constant Voltage Wire



Mine Specification Safety Features

  • Emergency engine stop button located at eye level to quickly shut MS600 down in case of emergency.
  •  VRD Voltage Reduction Device lowers the voltage in CC MMA and CC air arc gouging modes to below 12 volts in less than 300 milliseconds. 
  •  Output at welding terminals controlled by electronic contactor, that can be switched on or off.
  •  Stainless steel enclosure
  •  Lockable dual pole battery isolation selector for safer maintenance, note: can only be locked in off position.
  •  RCD protection for auxiliary AC power outlets.
  •  Auxiliary AC power with two 240 Volt single phase and one 415Volt IP66 rated outlets can also be isolated electrically by switching off circuit breakers behind bolted panel.
  •  Weight with fuel/oil/coolant 700Kgs
  •  AC All wiring looms are encased in conduit with rubber boots fitted to avoid mechanical wear and damage.
  • Optional Drip tray / Roll cage can be supplied that will contain all liquids used in engine.
  • IP23 case enclosure. 




    $34,500.00 Regular Price
    $32,000.00Sale Price
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